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Residential Fitness: Do you have a fitness center where you live? We can come there too. The Promenade is one of our locations where we offer person training and small group classes for residents.

Corporate Fitness: The world is becoming a faster place to live, work and play in. The workplace is becoming more and more efficient and as a result greater demands and stresses are being placed upon the individual. Along with this greater efficiency and productivity comes a more sedentary lifestyle. How many days have you thought to yourself “Gee, I haven’t even left my desk yet!”

From a management perspective, by implementing simple, well-designed employee fitness and wellness programs that take into consideration the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of the individual, you can sharply decrease the rates of absenteeism whilst increasing employee retention rates.

What can a Corporate Fitness Program implemented into you workplace do for you?

• Decrease the number of sick days

• Increase staff motivation and moral

• Provide an opportunity for staff to disengage from social and workplaces issues

As the working population ages and the ‘Baby boomers’ working lives winds down businesses risk losing some of their most experienced and qualified staff. By introducing initiatives to ensure these individuals can stay actively involved in the workplace longer companies will see the value of implementing workplace wellness or corporate fitness programs in Rhode Island, as they keep teams fresh and vibrant even when adopting new roles within companies.

• Train at the time, day and place that suits your team

• We will tailor a plan to suit your budget

• Design a corporate health plan that will engage all of your teams interests

• Target the corporate health plan around your teams fitness level

• Enable your team starting new roles to tackle them with enthusiasm

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