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Soft Tissue Movement Restoration is:

  • A comprehensive evaluation including a movement screen and orthopedic joint testing.
  • Area specific soft tissue work relating to the evaluation
  • Movement retraining based on the evaluation
  • A strength training considerations to optimize the client’s capacity

A personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, Henry Lau B.S. LMT of Body Soul now offers soft tissue movement restoration to our clients. As another form of personal training, each new client that comes to Henry will go through a comprehensive evaluation assessing their joint position and movement patterns. Afterward, the client will go over goals with Henry so that they may have a specific plan designed for them in 4-week blocks.

Henry’s philosophy is assessing the individual as a whole and improving their function as a human. He selects interventions that he believes to be most fruitful depending on the outcomes of the assessment and context of the individual.

Each Soft Tissue Movement Restoration is $125 per a session.