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Tom’s Corner: The Importance of Variety

Written by Tom Marchand

We’ve all heard the expression “variety is the spice of life”. Never is this  truer than when we’re talking about training. I know, I know. Once you get used to a certain weight, it’s so comfortable to stay with it every workout. Or, it’s  easier to just use the same machine, at the same settings, every time we work out.. Unfortunately, training only works when we’re asking our bodies to do something that isn’t comfortable. To be effective, our training should have as much variety as possible.

Here are just a few ways to do this:

  • Use different movements for the same body part (for example, dumbbell curls one day and EZ curls the next time you work biceps)
  • Use different rep schemes (sets of 10-15 with lighter weights one day and sets of 5-6 with heavier weights on another.)
  • Use a weight machine one day and a free weight on another
  • Use the treadmill one day, then a rower or elliptical on another.
  • Do a longer, steady state cardio workout one day and intervals the next.

Training shouldn’t become an endless repetition of the same old workout. It should be constantly evolving and always challenging. So, the next time you work out, be sure to add some variety. Your body will thank you!