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Bella Donna Crisafulli

Bella Donna Crisafulli

Physical fitness has been my life’s work and pleasure

Aquatics/World Dance/Pilates/Strength Training/Tai Chi/ Yoga

Movement is connected in all forms…starting with the core in Pilates, add the stretching and breath of yoga, the strength of weights and the resistance of water…blend it into dance, with a little martial arts for an amazing and fun workout! Oh yes, and dress it up with some jingles and yards of flowing fabric; you won’t even know it’s a workout. One on one, you and a friend, a small group, or a large group, pick your favorites.

Physical fitness has been my life’s work and pleasure. It began in my teen years working in campgrounds teaching swimming and lifesaving with the Red Cross. Warm up for sports became a fun and interesting activity that has sparked this fire that continually burns…over 40 years.

Pilates was one of the first styles of exercises taught in the 70s, merely labeled calisthenics and military drills, although entitled Contrology, by Joseph Pilates himself. Mr. Pilates was living in New York at this time coaching boxers and ballerinas.

My mentors are many…starting with Betty Weider, one of my first professional nutrition counselors and woman body builders. The Viking Hotel in 1973, where I was a student of Grand Master Bill Aguiar and teacher of basic Kung Fu to women and children .My interest in the martial arts leaned more towards the gentle forms of Tai Chi and Chi Gung than the full contact of Kung Fu.

Yoga was becoming popular with the Beatles adventures to India and standing on your head. Twisting and meditating to sitar music still quiets the mind, body and soul.

The ’80s and ’90s brought a more holistic approach with ayurvedic nutrition, chiropractic massage and physical rehab therapy for sports related injuries; linking us to the Orient with Chi Gung, Taikwondo, Tai Chi, Jujitsu and Judo.

My Yoga fusion is Iyengar based, the style is gentle and flowing, with emphasis on back care and stretching, power yoga is blended with a mix of karate and Tai Chi.

Among my many mentors, Lilias Fola, Rodney Yee, Patricia Walden, Kate Potter, and Shiva Rhea.

Vinyasais my preference, free flowing minimal holding of postures as dance. Kripalu’s gentle heartfelt Yoga is also contributing factor. Chakra yoga/dance/meditation has been an ongoing theme inspired by Shiva Rhea. Partner Yoga & kids, back to bed yoga, gentle back stretches and twists. A Belly Dancer came to manage woman’s fitness chain that I worked in at 18 years old. I fell in love with the music and movements. Also found the drumming to be an aerobic adventure. Every muscle group is used in a pleasurable but intense isometric isolation.

World Dance is a fusion, similar to Zumba, of African/Flamenco Arabe/Middle Eastern/Modern Jazz/Salsa/Meringue/Hip Hop, with the addition of coin belts and veils. A musical journey from around the world.


Aquatics/World Dance
Strength Training
Tai Chi