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Eddie Fleury

Eddie Fleury

Training for aesthetics is reverse engineering for the body.

Since the age of 15, Eddie Fleury has been working and thriving in the fitness industry.  Throughout high school and college, he worked at various training facilities where he was able to learn many different styles of training from people with diverse degrees and backgrounds.  It was through these experiences that led Eddie to pursue a degree in Community Health and Wellness at Rhode Island College where he focused his education on movement studies.

In January of 2016, Eddie started his senior year internship at Body Soul and was able to gain a hands on experience of his studies by completing 500 hours of field work. During this short amount of time, Eddie made great strides with himself and his clients. As he followed his career path and worked towards success, Eddie helped someone shed 80 pounds, guided numerous people in gaining strength through functional movements and trained an athlete for their first power lifting meet in which he later qualified for nationals.

In May of 2016, Eddie completed his Bachelors of Science degree and is now an officially part of the Body Soul team at our Riverside and J-Fitness at the Dwares JCC locations.


Eddie has a Bachelors of Science in Community Health and Wellness with a concentration in Movement Studies from Rhode Island College. He is also CPR certified.