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Rose Tracy

Rose Tracy

I love making people feel good about themselves!!!!

Rose has been involved in the fitness field her whole life. Growing up, she was inspired by her mother who is also a trainer and started working in a gym at a young age. By watching her mother help others through group exercise, fitness coaching, and holistic guidance, it inspired Rose to follow the same career path. She has been training individuals in the comfort of their own homes as well as The Boston Sports Club in downtown Providence for over 2 years.

When Rose was 15, she was overweight and did not make her high school soccer team which devastated her. However, this was when she made the decision to change her life around and do something about her weight. So, she began eating clean and started training in the gym. By the time spring came around, she made the varsity soccer team. Although this experience was initially traumatizing, Rose realized the importance of taking better care of herself and changed her life. She got rid of the negativity she created in herself. And, she began thinking more positively and gained more self- confidence which sent led her down a healthier and happier path. As she changed, she realized how much she would love to teach others and give others what she gave to herself!


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